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What is entropion?

Entropion is an abnormal inward rolling of the eyelid margin so that eyelid skin is rubbing against the surface of the eye.

What are the signs of entropion?

Entropion can cause corneal ulcers, increased tearing and discomfort.  The degree and extent of the entropion will be determined at the eye exam.

What causes entropion?

In certain breeds (Sharpei, Chow chow, English Bulldogs, Labradors, etc) the muscle in the eyelid is weak allowing the eyelid to roll inwards.

How is entropion treated?

In young animals, the eyelids are temporarily tacked to see if they outgrow the problem.  In adult animal, surgery is usually necessary to do an "eyelid tuck" and remove the excessive skin that causes the eyelid to roll inward.

In some cases, additional facial "tucks" are necessary to treat excessive skin or other problems leading to the entropion.