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COVID-19 Pandemic procedures at VEC

Changes have been made on our hospital operations to continue to operate while following CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recommendations.  Our goal is to continue to provide outstanding patient and client care.  Your patient's care is extremely important to us! 

Only emergency or urgent veterinary eye care is recommended.  Any non-urgent problems should be rescheduled 2-3 months out.  Please call us at 512-255-8700 to see if your established patient should be rescheduled or come in as planned.

Referrals are required during the COVID-19 pandemic, restricted periods.  If your animal is not an established patient, your regular veterinarian or emergency clinic should see your animal for the medical problem and then they can determine if the eye issue is an emergency / urgent situation or can wait.  Referring veterinarians must contact us before we will see new patients. 

If you are showing any signs of illness including cough, fever, sore throat, trouble breathing, etc then we ask that you stay home and call your doctor.  Please either have a healthy person accompany your animal to the appointment or we will reschedule your appointment.

Our cleaning, sanitizing and personal protection procedures are increased during this time.  Any staff members with symptoms of illness have been instructed to stay at home.  You will see us wearing protective gear to protect you from us and vice versa as we work to continue to care for your animal.

We plan to continue to provide you with the same excellent veterinary eye care as always, only without your accompany your patient into the building.  Access into our hospital is restricted to VEC staff only.

  • Car-side admission and discharge services are being performed:

    • When you arrive, please call us at 512-255-8700 with your vehicle type and color.
    • A veterinary technician will come to your vehicle to collect your animal and escort them into the building.
    • Remain on-site during your animal's visit so we can interact with you.
    • The doctor will conduct the eye exam and then communicate with you during the visit by phone or video communication (Facetime or Zoom so please become familiar with FaceTime on your iPhone or download the Zoom app on your cell phone).
    • We will collect payment from you by phone.
    • A technician will escort your patient back to your vehicle with our detailed discharge instructions and any medications needed.
  • New clients:  Please fill out your FORMS before you arrive and email them to us at
  • Medication refills can be mailed or provided in outside lock boxes (each box will be cleaned with sanitizer between each person).

Telemedicine is an option for established patients with certain types of eye problems.  Because tear testing, corneal staining and eye pressures checks cannot be performed, these visits will have limitations compared to physical visit so telemedicine visits will have a lower cost.  If the problem cannot be resolved remotely and is urgent, the patient may need to come in for an eye evaluation.

Our hospital hours are currently reduced.  Call us at 512-255-8700 if you have ANY questions! 

Thank you for your patience and kindness during this challenging time.